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High Interest Savings Accounts

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With the economic woes our nation is facing, politicians would like you to spend your money faster than you can make it. They’d love it if you could max out your credit cards and put more consumer spending back into the country, but thankfully you’re smarter than that, especially if you’re reading an article on high interest savings accounts. High interest savings accounts are savings products offered by online banks that give you a much better interest rate than your standard bank. Check out the savings rate of your current brick and mortar branch and let me know what the rate is, chances are it’s 1% or much lower. It’s not unreasonable for a brick and mortar bank to offer you half a percent or even lower! If you go with a high interest savings account, you could be earning around 3% - three times even the highest rate.

Where do you find these rates? Online banks. I list the best interest rate banks on the homepage of this site, but you probably want to learn a little more about each of the banks right? No problem.

FNBO Direct: They are the online bank of First National Bank of Omaha, which first opened in 1857 and has been covered by FDIC insurance ever since its inception. FNBO Direct’s FDIC certificate is #5452 and they have four stars from Bankrate’s Safe & Sound rankings.

Dollar Savings Direct: Emigrant Bank has two online banks - Emigrant Direct and Dollar Savings Direct. Dollar Savings Direct has a higher yield, a $1000 minimum to open, and is better than Emigrant Direct in almost every way. They are covered under certificate #12054.

ING Direct: ING Direct was one of the first online banks available, known for their ubiquitous orange ball and their funny name. They are the online bank of ING Group, which is a huge international financial service company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their domestically headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, and were given four stars from Bankrate’s Safe & Sound rankings.

E*Trade Bank: E*Trade Bank is affiliate with E*Trade the stock broker and if you open an E*Trade Bank account you can link it up with your E*Trade trading account, which is a good or a bad thing! They are covered under FDIC certificate #30746 and were awarded Money Magazine Best of the Breed in 2007.

HSBC Direct: HSBC Direct is the online banking arm of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, a huge international banking conglomerate. They are covered under FDIC certificate #57890 and are headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

In addition to the high interest savings accounts, many online banks offer very competitive certificate of deposit rates. By opening up a CD, you lock in an interest rate for a specified period of time. You give up some flexibility but when minimum balances are so low, it’s easy to open a small CD just to save a little extra.

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